Recalbox 7.0

Brilliant idea again.

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    Moving to Gitlab is ok, deleting 492 issues on Github us clearly not, especially when some of us proposed to help to sort them and most of them weren't resolved at all.

    Members dedicated their time to document them and you just erased it, giving them the middlefinger.

    This is open source, the community should own the project as much as you

    This kind of fuck up after all the previous ones is close to be the last straw that broke the camel's back.

    If you want to keep a community of engaged people, please learn to communicate (bis, ter, repetitae...) and avoid that kind of awfull dictator management.

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    @substring still a gap in communication unless the message on Github recalbox-os is false (mentioning the same repository twice) ?

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    1 - issues are not erased, just disabled for now. I wouldn't risk lossing all the data.
    2 - I tried many migrations last days and gitlab didn't copy all issues. Once it worked, I disabled issue feature on the github recalbox-os to avoid multiplication of new issues
    3 - I wanted to communicate this weekend about this, because, you know, i work too.
    4 - If you want us to listen to you, please watch your words, I prefere less communication than shitty one.
    5 - The official repository is now, and will will migrate issues to and from depending on their importance and nature.

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    0 - you could have put all of that on hold until this weekend, do the communication first and actions after.

    And the message about moved repos is still with errors on github recalbox-os ...

    And finally, once again if you listened even a little bit the community we could gave helped with that process.

  • @voljega Dude get a grip please ... There is no need to be that angry for somehting that anyway the community can't handle for us. Issues moved, it's not such a big deal ... Communication will be made. Anyway, there is hardly any activity on issues these days

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    @substring off course there is no activity they just have been piling on for at least one year with no one adressing them or not much ... I still remember a time where there was less than 250.

    And yes I think at least a few of us could help the team.


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    You are really telling us you think that we do not work enough on recalbox? That is what I read.
    Pal just let it go you are taking our time and it's really a waste.

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    @digitalumberjack I'm not telling that at all and it's pretty bad faith to pretend that.

    Anyway I should'nt be surprised so let's end the "discussion" there. This is, as always, getting nowhere.

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    @voljega I hope you are not having a bad day my friend. Your messages sound very attacking and there is really no need for that nor the sarcasm. Have a good one!

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