where to put gamelist.xml?

  • I accidentally deleted the gamelist.xml files and I can't get recalbox to rescan my rom folders. I formed a new gamelist.xml for all my systems over the network using a windows-based scraper, but then I can't get recalbox to read this file.

    I've put it in the roms folder, in the share folder and others but it will simply ignore it. Where should I put it so it actually reads the d*mn file?

    In the ES github I've found that it goes into [SYSTEM_PATH]/gamelist.xml but I don't know the folder this variable is referencing to. I'm certain the file was properly generated because I've seen the rom files that are actually in said folders as it was generating the gamelist.

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    @webodan please, do a forum or internet search about how to stop EmulationStation before trying to modify the gamelist.xml. Thank you.

  • I managed to restore the gamelists from an old backup and at least now i can get to the games listed on the old gamelists, but when I try to update them it simply ignores the files present in the sd card. Sorry but this seems like a bug and I simply can't get it to update. the es log simply says it parses the XML files but it doesn't seem to look for the rom files in the card.

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