wii games and wiimote in recalbox ?

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    Hi , i use pc 64bits version of recalbox .
    Wii games work on it ?
    And wiimotes work ? it work directly or need an adapter ?

    best regards !

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    1. Most of games run very well on a Intel NUC i3 64 bits,

    2. Same thing for wiimote and without an adapter, if you use it as a controller, just sync it to use it in the menu, and on my side, I have to resync it every game I run when I start it to sync it with the emulator itself I guess, but after that it works very well ! And if you play games when you need to point at your screen, you're gonna need to mod your wii sensor bar to plug it on a 7,5V outlet adapter, or add batteries, or buy one for like 7$ online (or light up 2 candles every time you play since it burns a bit into infrared, tested and works :D).

    3. Only "problems" I've encountered so far (meaning in 2 days of testing), is that :

    A) Since it's not recommended to configure the wiimore within ES and better to just "sync it and it works", there's no "close the game and go back to ES" button, that I could find at least, to close a game and go back to ES I have to plug my keyboard and press ESC 😄 not very practical so I might try to configure the wiimote within ES even if people say not to, if someone knows how to go back to ES from a wii game with a wiimote tell me please 😄

    B) I couldnt find a way to display the wii emulator menu ingame (Dolphin I guess?), I wanted to tweak a few options for some games and still looking for a shortcut or something, maybe there's not ingame menu available and I have to modify some ini file somewhere but I highly doubt that, must be a shortcut...

    Else, Mario Galaxy, Zelda etc... work like a charm, only a few specific games (I did not test that many) encounter some emu problems, like Guitar Hero 3 stutters in a middle of songs (yes the guitar works :D), weird since it works without any tweat on Dolphin 5 on PC, but meh, who wants to play GH3 there when its available on PC, and the other game that doesnt work (like 5 fps) is again a 2D game, 2D games actually, Mario All stars 25th anniversary, old SMB 1 2 and 3 hits, unplayable without some tweaks (but the input lag even on the original Wii made it suck so...)

  • Indeed no shortcuts support on dolphin, will be added in a next release. So you need to presse ESC with a keyboard to exit.
    There is no gui menu to tweak options, you needs to to it manually by editing the config file.
    You can use game specifics config files too (read dolphin wiki for more informations).
    About wiimotes, it is supported out of the box, you only need a BT support on your PC.
    You must not sync them in ES, and start/sync them once the game started.

    We'll add libretro core, to be able to manage options directly in retroarch menu.

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    amazing answers, best regards both !!!

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