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  • ok, so I am at a loss appears that autoconfig has been enabled in 4.1 for the xbox 360 line of controllers however the mapping seems to be really odd. I get that the N64 controller was wonky in general, but this is very frustrating. I went to the Mini guide and have logged into the terminal. I can run cat /proc/bus/input/devices, and then ls /dev/input/js* which has determined that the current controller I am trying to use is js1 (js0 is a Logitech F310 that I am ignoring for now). When I try to then run jstest /dev/input/js1 I get back -sh: jstest: command not found. I have done searching, but can't seem to find a definitive standard config to be able to just copy/paste which to me seems would be a nobrainer to at least get someone going. Sorry if I am coming off harsh, I am just upset because I am excited to use my XU4 for N64 and right now can't. I also read that an xboxdrv may need to be enabled in the recalbox.conf, but when I try to find the line in the code I don't see it. Thanks in advance for any assistance!

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    @fnkngrv check

    And 4.1 has integrated in the kernel for xbox controllers, so there is no need to activate anything.

  • @paradadf thank you for the reference!

    @paradadf said in Help setting up 8bitdo N30 pro to be used for N64 games:

    @substring there is no need to write a custom config with the nes30 pro. @kguzm251 just needs to configure his pad properly on ES and use the right analog stick for the C-Buttons.
    For every analog stick you just have to configure two axes (directions).

    So if I am understanding correctly you are talking about the actual ES controller configuration wizard? If that is the case I am a bit confused as my understanding is that you use that wizard for RA to auto populate the configurations for all emulators.

  • @fnkngrv The mapping is quite simple :

    • c buttons on right analog sticks + A and X (SNES buttons name)
    • L is L, Z is L2

    why would you want some manu mapping ?

  • @substring because that mapping is clunky and makes it more difficult to play games. I gave it to my wife to try too and in a few minutes she had it, dropped the controller, and said she wouldn't ever play on the system because of it.

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    @fnkngrv I'm curious... how would you map it then on a xbox like controller?

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