No video intro when ran from a computer (x64, recalbox 4.1 stable)

  • As the title says, i'm talking obviously about the new recalbox intro video with the logo while playing mario music as recalbox is starting up. It doesn't appear on PC, Is it because of the loading on a PC is too fast to display it and it just skips it ?

    (Tested from an USB 3.0 key, then from a SSD)

    I've tried it on my Rpi3 and I can see the new intro video.

  • @maldorhan the x86 has no splash video that's all

  • Oh I didnt know about that ! Thanks a lot for your answer I thought it was a bug or something !

    (By the way I've burnt the img to a USB key and then copied sector by sector to a SSD and now using it with a NUC (Intel), you did a wonderful job !)

  • @maldorhan you went the hard way to make it run on your SSD lol congratz for your courage :)

  • @substring Aha well I've thought about else doing that or else using a SSD to USB adapter, is there any other way I didnt think of ?

  • @maldorhan NUC, so m-SATA SSD ? prolly not much more you can do ... I believe the easiest would be to boot from a live USB linux, then burn the img to the internal SSD. But never mind, dd'ing also work pretty fine ;)

  • Aha yes it is a M.2 SSD you guessed it, I have the adapter but wasn't sure it would have been faster than a 1:1 copy, well anyway, thanks a lot again for both your answers and your work, switching from a rp3 to a Nuc i3 seems very smooth for now ! Keep up the good work :)

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