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Xiaomi Bluetooth Wireless Gamepad and Recalbox 4.1.0

  • Hi,

    I installed Recalbox 4.1.0 yesterday on a Raspberry Pi 3. I'm having trouble getting it to pair with my Xiaomi Bluetooth Wireless Gamepad. I've seen this here:

    Which seems to indicate any issues with this pad should have been solved with 4.1.0. Can anyone else confirm? Is there something special I need to do that i'm not?

    When I try to pair, the controller shows up - and the name is indeed a load of Chinese characters, which someone in the thread above seemed to suggest may have been a problem. When I click to pair, it simply fails.

    Aside: I actually was previously using Recalbox 4.0 on a pi 2 with a generic bluetooth dongle - I had this pad working well, but just the once - on subsequent occasions when I tried to pair it again it would fail. This was one of the reasons I upgraded!

    All suggestions welcome! Thanks.

  • @pyrrhic Hi

    This darn pad uses Bluetooth 3.0 which should have been erradicated long ago 😄

    So, you'll need to add controllers.bluetooth.alternate=1 to your recalbox.conf file otherwise your pad will NEVER reconnect after a reboot.

    Regarding the bluetooth pairing issue, forget known pads, reboot, try again, and again. If it's still a problem, try

  • Hi Substring,

    Thanks for replying - I was going to try and message you on github seeing as you seemed to know about it, but decided to just try these forums in the end.

    Thanks, that's great - will do, and I'l report back. I hope I can get it working - I have an old ps3 controller that I can use if not, but the Xaomi pad is a really nice controller, outdated bluetooth aside - although the ps3's rather flabbier and imprecise feeling analogue sticks do make the N64 games that bit more 'authentic' 🙂

  • @Substring @pyrrhic


    In my case I hadn't no trouble pairing it. It worked for me using "short press" (slow blink) pairing button. After adding controllers.bluetooth.alternate=1 to recalbox.conf it seems to work using "long press" (fast blink) button way. Anyway, it seems to work perfectly for me except for Kodi.

    In my case, the only trouble I have is using Kodi. It doesn't seem to respond to Xiaomi Controller, so I use Virtual Pad. In that case Virtual Pad only works if Xiaomi Controller has not been paired in first place.

    I'm using:
    -Rasperry Pi 2
    -CSL - V4.0 USB nano
    -Xiaomi Controller
    -Sandisk Ultra Fit 128GB USB 3.0
    -Recalbox 4.1 fresh install

    Thanks for your time and sorry about my English.


  • CRT Fan

    Hi, last time i check with my xiaomi controller, the pairing was fine, but if i idle in a game until the gamepad disconnect, it was impossible to repair it in game. needed to restart the pi in for my controller to come back.

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