4.1 Stable: losing my Hotkey after going into Retroarch settings

  • When I run a game, then enter the Retroarch menu (hotkey+B), go to settings, input settings, hotkey binds and then exit back to the game (hotkey+B again or through the menu), the hotkey will no longer function.

    This is without making any changes to the hotkey binds.

    Everything else on the controller still works. Unplugging and replugging the control does not help. The control remains functional, but not the hotkey - so there's no way to exit back into emulation station.

    This is a new bug, which (I think) wasn't present on the 4.0.2 stable version.

  • @fudoh you're reassigning buttons, you can't expect RA to work as we forced it after you changed inputs. The best is tu use core remaps or even game remaps, but not rewrite inputs.

  • @substring

    but I'm not even changing any button assignments.

    I sometimes use this when I have a controller with not enough buttons for all functions. For example when trying new shaders - I quickly enter the Retroarch menu, assign a new button for switching shaders and all's fine. Worked absolutely flawlessly on all previous Recalbox versions.

    Now, just entering the assignment menu (without doing any changes) and returning to the game after that will kill the hotkey button.

    That's certainly not supposed to happen, is it ?

  • @substring sorry to be pushing this once again.

    This one turned out to be really annoying. I am - by no means - expecting any quick solution to this, but it would be great, if you added to to the list of known bugs for the current 4.1 stable, so it can get fixed in the long run.

    Just wanted to reiterate: I'm not changing any button config. The fact that I'm merely visiting this part of the RA options, makes the hotkey lose it's function once I'm back in the game.


  • @fudoh yeah sorry for not replying 😕
    Looks like.some other people are having such kind problem with RA : their hotkey never gets released 😮

    I guess we need a retroarch bump

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