Waveshare 2.8" TFT / Waveshare 3.2" TFT (GitHub TFT Screen SPI Bus guide)

  • Sorry for reviving this topic, but I think the information about this is few, and some more wouldn´t hurt. So, first of all, I am using Putty, notepad++ and FileZilla. I am following the steps shown on: https://github.com/recalbox/recalbox-os/wiki/TFT-Screen-SPI-Bus-(EN) in order to get a 2.8" tft display from waveshare to work. Why am I following the steps to the 3.2" tft if mine is a diferent version? Well, waveshare says "2.8inch RPi LCD (A) and 3.2inch RPi LCD (B) are compatible with each other (the only differences are screen size and keys count), and can be mutually substituted in most cases." (the website: https://www.waveshare.com/product/2.8inch-rpi-lcd-a.htm) So, I want to verify it by managing my 2.8" display to work with recalbox as well, but I am running into some problems, back to the github guide, (sorry for the newbie language and questions) what does " after getting the binary" means? Should I wait for something after making the change to the file? Well, that´s not the question I want to make. What should I do if the comand (chmod 755 fbcp) shows up as "No such file or directory"? I tried and moved the file from my computer to the directory that was ahead of that comand, that was supposed to run. Then, after that, I tried the command again and guess what, it gave me answer! I was like, ok, it was the wrong order, but then, I tried to run fbcp by writing on Putty: fbcp. No such file... Bla bla. So, the screen as well didn´t change from white. I don´t know what to do. I am a student and wanted to use it as a " console" for a project. I guess I will try again tomorrow but I would apreciatte as much help as possible, so that, after I am sucessful I can post on every forum this in order to people as me don´t have so much work and I can test if the 2.8" works as the 3.2". Thanks again, I will post this on other forums too.

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