Suggestions for Recalbox 4.1 and Kodi 17 on it

  • Hi friends I have some suggestions for you for Recalbox, shall we begin?

    Recalbox A and B actions swap: I know this option in the To Do list but it has not huge weight in development but coud you add it to 4.1

    Kodi 17 and the recalbox's Kodi controller support: why do you not add an option on the Recalbox's Kodi controller support to be able to configure your controller in the Kodi's controller configuration to keep the Kodi's caracteristic UI sounds but leting you configure your controller? for me this could be great because I could use my Pokken pro pad's ZL and ZR (and my PSP's + and - volume buttons) as volume + and - (left stick up and down)

    Add the new Emulation station's features: Emulation station now has video scraping, video screensavers and custom carrousels wich lets themers make more beutyful themes featuring nicer carrousels (like Ruckage's mini NES, mini famicom and mini SNES themes for RetroPie)

    What do you think?

    PS: I love what did you did with the menus streamlining them and making for example the update option more visible

  • Forum admins: if necesary could you move my thread to the pertinent category? I did not knew where to put this thread

  • @rockaddicted what do you think?

  • @sergioad We said it so many times : kodi 17 CAN NOT BE in 4.1.

    Now for all ES features : 4.1 is frozen. Some of them will be added in the version following 4.1

  • @substring Re Kodi, am I missing something or can users not simply do a dual boot setup, with Recalbox as the main boot option and Kodi (or whatever they want) as the other?

    Not sure how you would define the memory card split (I imagine Kodi and OS would only need a couple of gig max) though.

    Would mean they could update Kodi as often as they wanted with no effect on Recalbox?

  • @rustymg If they find out how to dual boot, sure, but i don't think we're gonna spend some time for setting up some multiboot on our test pi. There is alerady a wiki tutorial explaining how to dual boot with raspbian i think

  • @substring ok, when will the 4.1 will come?

  • @sergioad when it's ready 🙂

  • Ok, got it

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