Can i run Recalbox on a larger desktop PC?

  • I'm looking to run Recalbox on a larger desktop pc, its an i5 unit with inbuilt graphics, its run its course now and i have a new PC, just thought with a small linux system it would make a good media centre/ emulator for small usage in my shared lounge. cheers for any replies

  • @cressey901 4.1 will be available for PC (32 and 64 bits). That will be a first release, I can't promise all brand new hardware will be supported yet.

  • @substring cheers bud, its not particularly new hardware, it was running windows 7, and the hard-drive i will be using currently has vista installed, it has been used as a Netflix slave PC for the past few months and just thought it was time it got some actual use again!

  • @cressey901 It may work, keep an eye on the blog to check for the 4.1 release

  • Maybe faq sticked help to answer at this and some other Q (like why i cannot upgrade to 4.1? ) :D

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