Question about putting all games on 32gb card

  • Hello i'm new to this and my friend is making me a raspberry pie 3 with recalbox. my question is would all the NES, SNES/Satellaview, Famicom Disk System, Virtual Boy, GB, GBC, GBA, Atari - 5200/7800, Vectrex, Genesis/32X, Game Gear, Master System, PC Engine and Super Grafx would all these fit on a 32gb sd card. these games are from the No-intro collection 2016. if not i will get a higher card.

  • I think there is about 28gig free on an empty 32gig Recalbox setup for game files, so just add up the size of your files. Simple!
    Due to the size of the FAT table though from memory my tiny Atari 2600 collection took up crazy bonkers space (i think the smallest table allocation is 32k on Recalbox meaning if you have a 1k file it will take up 32k, so all the 4k roms took up 8 times their file size on the microSD). Its only really an issue with the tiny old ROM files to be honest but worth pointing out).

  • @realazyria Holy crap, use a USB stick for God's sake ! Why on earth would you just think about increasing the SD card size ?

    Adding all the no intro sets is one thing, scraping them is another ... And would also take quite some space

  • Hi,
    u put all roms or filter some categories? adult, cards, puzzle? its better filtering some categories for have more space.

    You can use RomLister or other tools for filterign for categories, monitor orientation, controls, regions or other things.

    if u wanna start to use mame/n64 u need more space.

    PS i use a 200G

  • @substring I understand what you mean re use a usb stick instead of a large microSD but a lot of us don't like "cludges" sticking out the side of the Pi making it look bulky and ugly. Even more so when some if us have cool 3d printed cases. A usb stick sticking out the side of one of these shatters the illusion.
    However, for ease of upgrading, starting afresh etc, that IS the quickest and easiest option.
    If the price of the ultrafit / slimline USB sticks comes down any more heck I may even go down that route myself, lol.

  • @rustymg ahem ...

    I think such USB key is WAF/geek compliant ? 🙂 The led hardly makes any light ... And I'll kick you hard if you ever try to tell me that this must be a 1:1 scale and it's too big 😛

  • @substring I had mentioned the Samsung's in another thread - this is the one I have my eye on :

  • @rustymg looks bigger than my Sandisk ... Anyway, I'm very faithful to sandisk ^^

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