Pico Drive and Genesis plus Sprite Blinking on Master System

  • Hello

    I was testing R-TYPE for Master System and I realized that the sprites are blinking every time that I push a button. I also notice that other sprites like the snake boss from the Stage 2 is blinking all the time... I'm using PicoDrive however what concerns me is that Genesis plus GX is having same issue....

    I'm wondering, Could it be because the RPI is overclocked?

    Pls, Does anybody knows what the issue could be?

    BTW, The details of my rp setup is on my signature.

  • Hi Again

    I removed the Overclocking using the 1200 UI default settings and the issue persists. So no overclocking issue 🙂 so far.

    I tested Sagaia (Darius II) ,as other games, and it is working fine .So I think that the rom could be wrong or maybe it's a game that is not well emulated...

    Pls, Can anybody confirms that has a similar issue with R-type?


  • Sure that original game don't have same limitations?

  • The best R-Type is on PCE 😄

    Anyway, i do remember the game blinking like hell on SMS, even more in the secret stage you could reach in stage 4, or that boss level on stage 3 ...

  • No idea, I don't remember if blinked in the original one, I was a child when I played the SMS version xD. I was testing the emulator and the FM sound mode. BTW I've never played the PCE version I'll try it. Thx!!!

  • I checked youtube video done with original hardware and I confirm these blinking sprites.

  • @kelv it's also available in mame 😉

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