Simulate keypress (key 5) to insert coin at Mame

  • Hi,

    I am trying to develop a small software to simulate the key 5 of keyboard to virtually insert coin to MAME games. But there's no uinput interface at /dev/input of Recalbox Linux.
    How could I do this?
    I've tried several examples with Go, Python and C and they didn't work out.

    Thanks in advance,


  • Themer

    @jeffprestes you know you just have to press select on your controller to do that right ?

  • @jeffprestes Hi,

    I guess it's rather linked to the fact we're autoconfiguring each emulators. In you case, you first need to create a uinput device, which is up to your code I'd say. But there should be pther ways, i think i've already had a successful try with python-evdev (but it's not on recalbox by default)

  • @substring Thanks!
    I am visiting this page:
    Which distro should I use? Which Linux distro Recalbox is based on ?
    If it works for Python, as I am Go Developer I will try to include input.h and create a default binary for Recalbox.

  • @jeffprestes Recalbox is made with buildroot. That's some kind of LFS project aimed for embedded systems. That's why it's not using apt/rpm/whatever : recalbox doesn't sit on top of an existing OS, but is anwhole OS itself.

    Regarding go, it may be included.

    Why do you need to add a "software pad" ?

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