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    Hey guys! Im new to this forum. I was using Retropi for awhile and thought I would try Recalbox. I have to say it appears to be more user friendly but I am having a really difficult time figuring out how to get my new Retrolink USB N64 controller working with the N64 games I have loaded on my USB flash drive connected to my Raspberry Pi 3. Im usining Recalbox OS version 4.0.1. Do I have to use the method in the wiki article for Recalbox 3.3? I would like to use the button combination Z + Start to exit the game amd return to the menu and another button combination for save and load (suggestions?) How do I accomplish all of this?

  • @eagleeye1011


    is this the same Controller?
    Can it solve your problem?

    You are in the german corner. Next time please post in the english area ;)

  • @abunille

    Thanks for your help. Yes that is the controller I have.

    I'll take a look at the post later. From a glance that looks like exactly what I'm looking for. Thank you!

  • @eagleeye1011

    i hope it works ;)
    If everything is good please mark as "solved"

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