Mapping multiple controllers on 1 Player (or Player 1)

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    I have a question where I have problems to find an answer. I have a double controller arcade cabinet, build by my own, with 2 dragonrise usb boards for P1 and P2. Everything working ok.
    What I wanted more, to attach at some moments a Gasia PS3 wireless controller mapped also on P1. As I understand, in ES menu you can only define one controller for one player ?

  • @Dragu one at a time, yes. You can force P1 to be your gasia when it's paired

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    Thanks, I was expecting that there is no other solution.

    On the other side, in Dosbox no Retroarch, no Hotkey, but the Dosbox keymapper. And this one is very flexible, what he must be as most dos games require keyboard or mouse.
    And you can configurate as example, for the P1 joystick direction shifted by 45°, what is the usual walking direction in isometric games. And at the same moment, you can configurate the P2 joystick as mouse for the P1 player, and also map all the P2 buttons to the P1 buttons. And easy to use.

  • @Dragu yeah but it's only for dosbox 😉

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    I give today a new try to my Gasia PS3 wireless controller (dmesg) together with my 2 dragonrise controllers on USB. Configuration, pairing everything ok.
    So, I configurated the gasia PS3 (device2) on P1, moved dragonrise (device 0) to P3.
    In emulation menu from recalbox everything working fine, means all 3 players joystick and buttons worked as configurated in the recalbox controller menu.

    But after switching to retroarch, things mess up. It seems I am not the only one with the issues

    In retroarch, the gasia controller is not reacting anymore, but the dragonrise (device 0) is partly working, even now configurated to P3.
    Partly means, no Hotkey button, Button B mapped to Button L1 ??? and so on.
    When I remove the gasia from the configuration and put again the dragonrise to P1, also retroarch is working fine again.
    So, for the moment no chance to use the gasia controller.

  • @dragu hotkey is only activated on P1. I'm surprised the gasia is not working in your setup ... Never had such problems with mine

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    I think if you use just Gasia as main, it should be ok. But my encoders stays physically connected, and there is probably an issue with retroarch. If I look into the retroarch configuration file, I see 3 times
    input_device_p1 = "0"
    input_device_p2 = "0"
    input_device_p3 = "0"

    I can just tell you, I have confidence in recalbox, but every day less into retroarch.

  • /me summons @rockaddicted
    Any idea pal ?

  • there didn't have a retroarch bug in current unstable release about gamepad assignment,
    fixed on dev release ?

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