Sandisk 128gb sd card not working

  • Hi, I have formatted my sd card to Fat32 with minitool (I'm on windows 10) and set it to primary, unzipped and copied over recalbox 4.0.1 as usual but I only get a black screen when I boot the pi, any suggestions?

  • @benbb I don't think it will accept a card that high. I did try using that same card, and I think it worked for a little while but failed during an update, I don't remember why exactly. I don't know much about Linux.

    But the bigger question would be, why need a card that high? I used to think keeping everything on one card would be convenient, especially since I travel with it. All was going great until I had a catastrophic error during an upgrade and lost everything.

    I am only asking to save you a world of headaches down the line.

  • @sag508 thanks for the reply, it is actually for a friend, he wanted a 128gb card and I didn't realise there were problems as I only use a 32gb sd.

    I have done it now, I couldn't get this way to work, so I made an image of my 32gb card and put that on the 128gb card, and then increased the partition with gparted to use the full capacity of the card.

  • Been running a 128gb card for over 8 months and never missed a beat when running 4.01 or 4.1 unstable.

  • Meant to add, I just make an image of the card before doing any upgrades then if it goes belly up I'm back in business with a few mouse clicks.
    As for why need a card so big - I've still ran out of space! Got 152 PSX eboots plus loads of PSP and Dreamcast images.

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