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X-Arcade Dual Stick Button 8 for both Player 1 & 2 only sends any input on release

  • These two buttons here: https://i.imgur.com/MFpDS7C.png

    They do not send any input when held, meaning if you bind something like say, Block to them, any blocking will only occur for a brief moment after you've released the button.

    As far as I can tell, all my other buttons are working fine. It's just these two buttons that are acting up. I've tested the Dual Stick device on my computer to confirm it's not a hardware defect. I do have my Dual Stick set to Mode 1 properly.

    I am on 4.1 April 27 and I have already reset my es_input.cfg after updating.

    My support archive: https://www.upload.ee/files/7184107/recalbox-support-20170702170245.tar.gz.html

  • @kimmykaroo Hi ! Saw your message on IRC, but couldn't answer at that moment. Can't reach imgur from work, but I remember seeing it was the right button from the lowest pair of buttons right ?

    I personnaly set it up to select, HK being the side button (I own a tankstick)

    Could you try running evtest and make sure it's not doing any "down" event ? I'll try to check at home later today.

  • @substring Sorry for the wait. I went ahead and tested it with evtest. Sure enough, when you push and hold down the last button (the eighth button as you described, bottom row on the right) nothing happens. The moment you release the button, it sends both the down event and up event simultaneously. (i.e. value 1 and value 0)

    This registers a keypress when you release, obviously, but does not register it when the button is being held down.

    All the other buttons are functioning as you would expect in evtest. Value 1 as its being held down, value 0 on release.

  • @kimmykaroo ok, i'll have to dig this further up. Thank you for the report :)

  • @substring Is there any sort of workaround I can do in the mean time?

  • @kimmykaroo i have to check the patch i wrote for xarcade2jstick, i believe i must have missed a specific key. Meanwhile, the only thing you can do is wish me luck hahaha :D

    Once i believe it's solved, i'll give you a link to test the new binary + howto install it.

    One question : did you have to edit the custom.sh to launch the xarcade2jstick ? Because my tankstick takes soooo much time to initialize that the driver doesn't work on normal boot, i have to launch again xarcade2jstick later

  • This post is deleted!

  • @substring No, I didn't have to touch custom.sh, but I do have to make sure the arcade stick is plugged in prior to booting.

  • @kimmykaroo ok, looks like it's "normal" that it just returns an even on release, the keypress is just ignored to handle some combo keys. AFAIR, I never succeeded to make these combos work ...

  • @Substring combo keys? I don't understand. How can I disable this 'normal' behavior?

  • @kimmykaroo you can't disable that, unless you know C and recompile by yourself the driver ;)

  • That's... inconvenient. I'm screwed then?

  • @kimmykaroo unless i remove combos, but i won't do that beforesome time i think

  • @Substring I don't even know what 'combos' are... button macros or something?

  • @kimmykaroo combo = combination, several buttons at once

  • @Substring Are there any other buttons that behave this way, or is it just button 8?

    I don't use the standard configuration as is... I really don't see the logic in handling the buttons this way.

  • @kimmykaroo Looks like the combo is when you combine this key + the player start. You're right, that's just total bullshit ...

    I'll try to find some time to do thatsooner than expected to add it to 4.1. Meanwhile, when it's ready, i'll give you a link + howto to install the new binary. Which raspberry pi ?

  • @Substring I use raspberry pi 3

  • @kimmykaroo ok. Keep checking the forum, I'll try to do that in the next 10 days.

  • @kimmykaroo patch done, building it. I may not be able to test it before I send it to you. Keep in touch

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