Odd Resolution on old Plasma TV

  • I'm currently looking for old used TVs to use with my raspberry pi 3 recalbox and found an old panasonic plasma i could get for cheap.
    the problem is, it states that it is "HDReady" but the screen has a resolution of 1024x720 (instead of the usual 1280x720). i wonder if this might cause issues with my recalbox and how good/bad the games might look on such a display with thad odd resolution. I thought i ask around if someone else had luck with such displays or has some knowledge on how it would perform.

    Another thing that's quite irritating was what the manual had to say about the HDMI port on the TV. It says that connecting a PC to the HDMI port wouldn't work but i couldn't find out why it might not? Does someone know what exactly that means and if that is a problem for the raspberry?

    TV Model is the Panasonic TH-37 PV 7 F btw.

    If someone has some useful info on that, let me know.

    thanks for your time and cheers

  • @tifsmo hi
    No help for this specific screen, but i can help for the overall configuration.

    You shpuld first have a look at the detailed video configuration in the wiki (mininhow to -> video), despite your screen shpuldn't even fit it the cases covered by the wiki.

    Nevermind, recalbox will work on it, i'm sure ^^

  • My father has a cheap old Samsung 43" plasma tv that has a resolution of 1024x768, and Recalbox is perfectly fine on it.
    It auto resized everything, and text n scrape data are in the exact same proportions as on my 46" 1080p tv, just not as sharp due to the lower resolution. .
    I tried a few random emu's as well and all were fine.

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