Social media for RecalBox

  • Hi, one friend asked me about if it's possible to conect recalbox with social media like Facebook to share things like 'Playing Xgame in RecalBox', print screens and things like that. I personaly know a few about facebook and twitter conects and APIs, it's simple to make this part, but it's a way to put some option like this in RecalBox? Like a 'conect to facebook' in a submenu, like 'social networks' on the start menu, when enabled shares when the user starts a game and also screenshots when taked inside game... The conection with the social media I can do if I have some suport for configuring it in recalbox - can be a totaly new resouce.

  • @Djoni_w
    There isn't social habilities on recalbox
    But with Python script you can detect a lot a things like game launching....

  • @godhunter74 I know the basics about python, did a script to control a fan, if it's possible I think I can do, so it's there a how-to about tracking those actions like starting a game and so on?

  • Please have a look here :

    This is my script to detect launching rom And display name on I2Cscreen...

  • @Djoni_w just check a process running the python script emulatorlauncher.pyc. carefully look at all parameters, you'll have all the info you need

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