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For information, Recalbox IS NOT compatible with Raspberry Pi 4 yet.
Pour information, Recalbox N'EST PAS encore compatible avec le Raspberry Pi 4.

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Recalbox Logo - SVG Version

  • Hi everyone!

    I wanted to work on a case for my Recalbox and was searching for a vector version of the logo. I just found the bitmap, so I translated it into a SVG file.

    I'm sharing my file for you.

    While I was working on it, I played around with some details to give it a facelift. Maybe I get some opinions here as well?

    Go to shared Dropbox folder

  • Staff

    Hum. I don't know if it's realy needed to change logo now...Your facelift isn't bad but... But we juste start to have print product with current logo ^^.

    Sorry for the no vector version of the logo. An update on the website is needed for add an "press kit" with vector logo, images, etc, etc, ... But no time to add it for now :s.

    If you need my vector version of the logo, please ask me and i give you that.

    Tank's for your contribution :).

  • @reivaax Ha ha, yeah don't worry! It was a very spontaneous thought, as I was working in Illustrator. I totally understand, that once print has started, it's hard to change things. My goal was just to have the logo ready for a print on my Pi's case.

    However, if you need some design/graphic related support, I'll be more than happy to help and give something back to this wonderful project.

    btw: I hope Sony PlayStation will never make any trouble because of the cross, triangle, circle, square elements :)

  • Staff

    For your proposition of design/graphic. You help is welcome ! :). We need more graphic element for communication about it. So if you want working on any graphic element than we can use for present recalbox or release about it. Say me and we can work together... But when the website would be up to date. We open more community graphic project in the forum with contest and gift to win why not :)).

    @Pietze said in Recalbox Logo - SVG Version:

    btw: I hope Sony PlayStation will never make any trouble because of the cross, triangle, circle, square elements :)

    Maybe when we are on raspberry pi 16 with ps3/ ps vita emulator support lol ;). But we have a xbox like gamepad, and sony element... so.... :p ^^.

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