Development on project dead?

  • Its been 3 months since the last post, and github has slowed down. Still we do not have a release that supports pi zero w. Is the project now dead?

  • @kryptalivian

    The project is not dead.
    The developers cant do magic, they work hard in their free time.
    Be a little bit patience.
    Zero W will be officially supported with release 4.1 stable.

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    No the project is not dead. The team is working hard on the 4.1 release. Sources has migrated to gitlab and you can find the last beta at
    Our community manager is really overbooked since several weeks and the communication is only done on the french stream.
    Be sure that Recalbox is not dead.

  • If it was dead, i wouldn't spend that much time on it, damn ...

    So I know that from a user point of view, nothing new seems to be coming. But I can swear we're working pretty hard on our free time to release 4.1 in some good conditions. For example : you may not remember how our download servers were overloaded when we released 4.0.1, or 4.1 unstable ... So, working on this infrastructure is also part of recalbox, despite it doesn't sound as a shiny new feature 🙂

    Pi0-w is working fine on our dev build (I did it myself, wanna know how ?). We have to take time now, and make the good steps so that we can fulfill our promise of releasing much more often. This will happen once 4.1 stable is released.

    And we already started some pretty nice features for 4.1.x or 4.2, no idea yet what will be the next version revision.

  • Furthermore @kryptalivian we've "known" each other for more than a year now, i'm surprised you didn't even bother to ask us on IRC ... Nevermind, the project ain't dead , yo !

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