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  • Hi all. I'm getting a few graphic glitches, so far only noticed in SMS games, particularly Alex the Kidd in miracle World. The end of level Hamburger is displayed as some weird black and white object, sorry not pictured. This also is evident during the end of level cut scene when Alex is munching on the burger. A more obvious issue, as you can see in the attached image is the pot where an octopus enemy was sitting. It has a blue rectangle surrounding it. I'm pretty sure this is also a  glitch. Does anyone have any suggestions that I may try to clear these up? Thanks

  • Quickly grabbed a few more screenshots

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    Hi, in 3.3.0 you will be able to select the core for ms and megradrive emulation. Until then, you can edit the /recalbox/scripts/ script in order to use $retroarchcores/ in place of the picodrive for the master system.

  • Is this correct:? if [[ "$emulator" == "mastersystem" ]]; then /recalbox/scripts/ 4 "$retroarchbin -L $retroarchcores/ --config /recalbox/configs/retroarch/retroarchcustom.cfg "$1"" fi

  • Well, I updated the line I posted above and it appears to have not made any difference I'm afraid.

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    But you must be running the other core, that means that the bugs are in both cores ...

  • Similar problems here, too! The game is Golden Axe Warrior. I've got some glitches in torches (first picture, behind middle counter) at walls and the background of the inventory screen is green instead of black. I tried the ROM on my PC with the emulator Fusion and everything is fine, but on my Pi2 and Recalbox 3.2.1 and 3.3.0 beta I have those glitches.

  • Hi, even now, 3 years after this topic has been created the issue still exists. I'm now on Recalbox version 4.1.0. I was able to solve that problem for me to change the Master System core to genesisplusgx in the recalbox.conf. I've added the following line and now I can play Golden Axe Warrior without any problems.


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