The black screen of death... but there is sound!

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    Re: Problem when leaving a game and entering another game after upgrade

    Guys. I was wondering if the bug in this thread was resolved? I have just loaded 4.0.1 on my new build and this happens to me when dropping in and out of games. I lose the picture but get sound. The only way to fix it is a reboot. I'm using a pi3 via hdmi in an LCD tv. In the U.K. So pal. Funny thing is it never happens on every game change. Seems to be less prone if you swap systems.

    Apologies if this is already solved somewhere

  • Hi,

    Update to 4.0.2 and it should be fine!

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    @DjLeChuck sweet thanks for that!

  • We sadly had to upgrade the firmware of the pi, which caused some "loss of responsiveness" when switching resolution. If the emulator requires the display too fast, you get a blak screen. So we just added a small delay in 4.0.2 between resolution switching and the start of the emulator.

    The funny thing is that pi0/1/2 being slower, they were not affected by this bug 😉

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    @Substring just upgraded to 4.0.2 and works a treat. This stuff keeps you guys on your toes

  • Sorry to be pushing this old thread. Since I continue to run into this problem, I have an additional question regarding this one:

    I have a Recalbox 4.1 setup that suffers from the problem and on an alternative SD card I'm running 4.0.2 which did - indeed - fix it.

    On the 4.1 setup I did change the global resolution for ES to 720p as well, so technically there's no longer a resolution switch happening between choosing a ROM in ES and Retroarch running it. The problem remains though and I wonder why this is ?

    Interestingly running ES in 1080p and changing the emulators to run in 1080p as well fixes this for most users. Why doesn't the 720p/720p combo achieve the same ? Unfortunately the Pi3 isn't powerful enough to run the emus in 1080p when using various shaders, so 720p is really the best option.

    Any insight is highly appreciated - thank you guys!

  • @fudoh There is no resolution switch if global.videomode (or system specific videomode) in recalbox.conf is set to default.

  • thanks! This was it. I didn't realize that you had to set the global videomode ADDITIONALLY after changing the boot mode to 720p already.

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