The Encoder Questions in TIM1 of STM32F407

  • Hello~
    Please look at the following codes:
    [code]//TIM8,PC6 PC7
    RCC->APB2ENR |= 1<<1; //TIM8 timer enable
    RCC->AHB1ENR |= 1<<2; //GPIO port clock enable

    GPIOC->MODER &= 0xFFFF0FFF; //PC6,PC7 set to be reuse pattern
    GPIOC->MODER |= 0x0000A000;

    GPIOC->AFR[0] &= 0x00FFFFFF;
    GPIOC->AFR[0] |= 0x33000000;
    TIM8->ARR = 0xFFFF;
    TIM8->PSC = 0;
    TIM8->CCMR1 &= 0xFCFC;  //CC1 pass set to be input, IC1 map on TI1 ,CC2  pass set to be input, IC2 map on TI2 
    TIM8->CCMR1 |= 0x0101;           
    TIM8->CCER  &= 0xFFDD;
    TIM8->CCMR1 &= 0x0F0F;   //no flagging
    TIM8->SMCR  &= 0xFFF8;
    TIM8->SMCR  |= 0x0003;
    TIM8->CR1 |= 1<<0;     //enable counter

    //TIM1,PA8 PA9
    RCC->APB2ENR |= 1<<0; //TIM1 time enable
    RCC->AHB1ENR |= 1<<0; //GPIOAport clock enable

    GPIOA->MODER &= 0xFFF0FFFF;      //PA8,PA9 set to be reuse pattern
    GPIOA->MODER |= 0x000A0000;  
    GPIOA->AFR[1] &= 0xFFFFFF00;
    GPIOA->AFR[1] |= 0x00000011;
    TIM1->ARR = 0xFFFF;
    TIM1->PSC = 0;
    TIM1->CCMR1 &= 0xFCFC;  //CC1 pass set to be input, IC1 map on TI1 上,CC2 pass set to be input, IC2 map on  TI2 上
    TIM1->CCMR1 |= 0x0101;           
    TIM1->CCER  &= 0xFFDD;
    TIM1->CCMR1 &= 0x0F0F;   //no flagging
    TIM1->SMCR  &= 0xFFF8;
    TIM1->SMCR  |= 0x0003;

    TIM1->CR1 |= 1<<0; //enable counter[/code]

    As the codes we can see,TIM8 can counte as normal but TIM1 has no ** count and the DIR changes from up to now. I don’t know if is the USART1_TX of PA9 wrong? Or the reason occurred by hardware--STM32F407 ? Well, this is the datasheet of STM32F407: [](link url) ,you can see more details about the hardware.

    Please help! Thanks.
    Best wishes~

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