ROMS with Set 1, Set 2, etc. Which to keep?

  • If an arcade Rom (MAME, FBA, etc) has multiple sets (Set 1, Set 2) and each works, does it matter which to keep and which to delete? Is one "newer" than the other and thus less subject to a bug or glitch as the game plays on? I'd hate to delete 2 out of three and then the last boss glitches out or something.

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  • That list is super cool but doesn't answer my question. I can tell you for your excel file there that for 2020 baseball, set 1, 2 & 3 all work on FBA. I'm going thru and painstakingly testing each ROM. My question was, if all three work, is there a "better" one to keep? Is 3 the newest version? Or is one? Or all they all the same?

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    That list shows you that arcade roms are always divided in parents and clones. One game has only one parent, but can have many clones. It shows you too that all parents, at least for fba, were tested, but not the all the multiple clones because of the huge job that is. From hat information you could have guessed that parents are usually the roms to keep.

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    @JPMadman79 always use the parent when you can.
    The only case where it's better to use a clone if when the parent doesn't work or for some 4-player multiplayer games where sometimes parent or clones are dedicated to a different number of players

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