Apple 2 system doesnt appear on 4.1 unstable?

  • Hi,
    Done a fresh 4.02 install on a Pi3 with a new 128gb Samsung microSD card and updated to the 4.1 unstable release.
    I can get the PSP, Dreamcast and Colecovision running, but I just cant get the Apple2 system to appear on the "front end" - am I missing something?
    I have .dsk files in the new folder that Recalbox 4.1 creates for them, so any suggestions?
    Has it been removed from the latest release but the folder is still created?
    I dont even see any bios files being required, so Im stumped......

  • I just did a fresh install of recalbox on a RPi Zero W, and saw the same thing "Apple2 system to appear on the "front end". I noted that there was the "apple2" folder missing in "roms". I have a RPi3 that had pervious verion (maybe? Recalbox 17.11.02) that had the apple2 folder in it. it was upgraded to Recalbox 17.12.02, and the apple2 functionality still worked

    I am going to try some suggestions on

    at a glance some of "linapple" are empty. but I need to compare "root" and "shared" folders between the RPi3 and RPi ZW

  • noticed the following is missing (RPi Zero W version17.12.02)

    /system/.lineapple/lineapple.conf (1 kb)
    /system/.lineapple/Master.dsk (143 kb)

    however adding these files does not fix the issue 😞
    More trouble shooting...

  • @danno because apple2 is not available for pi0, plain and simple. The roms folder is generated depending on systems built for the arch. You won't find N64, psp or dreamcast either ona pi0

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