Moving from 16GB to 32GB

  • I currently have Recalbox set up very nicely on a 16GB card, unfortunately I miscalculated the amount of space i would need to am looking to get a 32GB install.

    I see that it is not possible to expand the filesystem on an existing card, so my idea is that i connect to my existing card vis sftp and transfer all the stuff over that i need to keep - roms, images, kodi settings etc - and then transfer them back to the new 32GB card once i have done a basic Recalbox install on it.

    So my questions are:

    will this work?
    what files and folders do i need to transfer to ensure the new 32GB card works as a 32GB card but it has the same recalbox setup - roms, images, kodi, themes etc - as the old card? For instance, do I just copy the 'recalbox' folder which contains configs, share (and therefore roms etc) etc?
    What would i need to transfer over to ensure all my Kodi stuff is still there as that took me ages to sort out!

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    @chubsta maybe you could use an external usb stick to store your data. With this you can syncronize your sd card with a usb stick of your choice and another advantage is that you have the system separated from your data 🙂

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