Background music freezes after a few hours

  • Hi all.

    I am running the latest recal box w/recent updates, and this problem has persisted since the initial 4.0 release for me.
    I have an external USB audio box that I run my sound through, and I am not sure if that's the cause of this or not, but after the recalbox sits for a few hours unused, the background music basically freezes with a stuttering loop. E.g. whatever the last music note was it just replays it in a frozen manor.

    I can restart the raspi3 this is installed on and it returns to normal. Sometimes if I start a game, the audio fixes itself, and sometimes it won't requiring a restart.

    Anyone know what the cause and fix might be here?

  • I confirm this problem, even in the last version.
    My workaround :

    • Choose a system
    • When the list appears, navigate directly to an another system (left or right).

    It fix the problem.

    I've created a big list of retro music, and sometimes it's buggy like you describe too, for me, it appears after a long test of roms (everytime i quit the emulator, it "could" happen)

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