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  • Hello,
    is it possible to save states in game? for example mario games on nintendo. on the original console when u finish a level the progress is saved. if you turn the console off and on the progress of finished levels is saved and you can play the ´next level. if i do the same on recalbox everything is lost.

    i don't want to use the quick-save feature described here:

  • @Alphamaster Hi
    What you call save states is precisely
    In-game saves are handled without a problem. Do you have an example of what you'd wish ? What you're trying to explain is a little too vague ...

  • Quite old question, but I guess I have the same and can explain a bit more in detail.

    The current state of a game is usually saved on a battery in the cartridge.

    For example:
    Mario Kart - after you have won a GP, you have a trophy next to the race, any time you start the game.
    With the Emulator, you always need to remember to save the state manually and load it when you boot up the game again.

    Isn't there way to automatically emulate the battery system from the cartridges?

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    @ubivis the answer is still the same. In-game saves work like on the original console.

  • @Univis

    There is a feature in Emulation Station to do precicely that (didn't know until now !). Never tested it but it should work fine :

    • In Emulation Station, press START to access the MAIN MENU.

    • Select the second menu : GAME SETTINGS

    • From there, turn on the auto save/load option :

    The auto save/load option allows you to auto save a savestate when you exit a game, then reload automatically this savestate when you restart this game. Once the game started, and the savestate loaded, if you want to return to the title screen of this game, use the special command reset. You can enable it by emulator in recalbox.conf

    WARNING : I think this option will be ON for every games / emulators included with RetroArch, instead of just the games you want it to be turned on.


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