Recalbox shuts down when using USB HDD

  • Hello

    I'm running a modded version of recalbox that runs on VGA666 and when I turn it on with a USB HDD plugged in the video goes away and the system shuts down. It is read perfectly if I run KODI and then plug it in.

    I have max_usb_current=1 enabled on my config file because it's required for it to work. My power supply can run this perfectly as I've used it in other distros before with no problem.

    I have no other storage available at the moment. Could someone help me troubleshoot this? Thank you.

  • @webodan maybe there is a peak current that stops it ? it boots fine without the HDD ?

  • @Substring Yes it works great without it. With it plugged at boot time I can feel it powers on, then proceeds to reading it, and after a while it gives up on reading (while still powering on the hard drive) then it suddenly shuts down completely. I suspect it's sort of a software issue becuase it works great within kodi itself.

    If it helps, I have a tester around to check the resistors on the VGA666 or whatever but I don't know how to read the values in resistance mode.

    edit: wtf it's doing the same thing again after i copied all my files into the sd card! i've got like 3000 roms on it, and i'm honestly confused as hell right now. just some days ago everything was perfect. i did format and reinstall the os cleanly before copying all the roms.

  • w00t! i solved it and it was the stupidest fucking thing. Turns out i was tinkering around with the power switch scripts (to turn a button into safe shutdown switch) and since i forgot to comment the line back, and the VGA666 was taking all the GPIO pins, it was probably triggering it into shutdown. It was confusing me because i had no screen stating that the script was being triggered into running and the screen went away in a really strange way.

    shit at least i solved without going insane at the pi or the vga or whatever. haven't tested the hdd but it was clear as daylight when i saw the being started at the log (should check logs more often i know). thanks anyways!

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