IPAC2 hotkey combination mapping

  • Hi all.

    I've built a bartop with 2 players and connected wiring to an IPAC2.
    Button configuration:
    2x start buttons, 2x coin insert buttons, 6x buttons each player.
    I followed https://github.com/recalbox/recalbox-os/wiki/Keyboard-encoder-configuration-(EN) to setup the controllers. The controls work fine BUT the only hotkey combination is 'Player 2 start + Player 2 coin insert' which exits games.
    How do I go about setting up other hotkey combinations (e.g. Save game, Load game, Enter RetroArch menu etc.) using Player 2 coin insert as the hotkey?
    Is there a file that I need to edit or do I have to configure controls via Recalbox menu?

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    The hotkey must be on player 1 not player 2, hotkey combination will then work according to the manual.
    I don't remember how I did it (especially the hotkey for player one) but I remember I cabled everything i could, did just the first configuration part and used the out of the box configuration of the encoder (keyboard keys) not redefining them, even if the table doesn't match with the out of the box configuration.
    I then just tested everything with evtest and then configured the controllers into EmulationStation.

    But this was on beta2 and i didn't bother to upgrade to 4.0 final yet

    EDIT : OK according to an old post, cable should be mapped like that :

    SW1 : Y SW2 : X SW3 : L1 SW4 : B SW5 : A SW6 : R1 SW8 : HK SW7: unused. start:start, coin:select

  • SW1 : Y SW2 : X SW3 : L1 SW4 : B SW5 : A SW6 : R1 SW8 : HK SW7: unused. start:start, coin:select

    That key I don't physically have.
    Do I have to add it to the arcade box or can I use another button that can have a dual function? e.g. Player 2 coin button functioning as Coin insert AND Hotkey.

  • @Ismail-Banderker you just need to wire SW8 to a button. Triggering SW8 sends the output that xarcade2joystick knows. Whether it's hotkey or not is just up to you when you configure your sticks in ES.

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    @Ismail-Banderker As I already said : THE HOTKEY MUST BE ON PLAYER 1 :))

    you can use the coin of player1 for dual function select/hotkey by configurating like that in EmulatonStation, it used to cause a little trouble in some arcade games in the past but i think it's over now

    I personnally have a dedicated button for it

  • Without changing anything physically I setup emulation station to use Player 1 coin as the hotkey. It worked BUT has a peculiar way of working. Only when holding down an event key (e.g. save game) and releasing the hotkey it triggered whatever event!
    I ended up adding another physical button to my cabinet connected to SW8 on Player 1 side that I will use as a dedicated hotkey.

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    @Ismail-Banderker ok odd ! So does the dedicated button work ?

  • @voljega said in IPAC2 hotkey combination mapping:

    @Ismail-Banderker ok odd ! So does the dedicated button work ?

    Yes, the dedicated button works.

    Question: depending on what emulator I am using the hotkey shortcuts seem to change. Is there a way to keep it the same with ALL emulators?

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    @Ismail-Banderker no they don't change at all unless you messed with something or didn't properly configure yiyr controls in the Emulation Station menu.

    But some emulators don't have access to all hotkey shortcuts such as N64 or FBA

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