Favourite SNES Games always Disappearing

  • Hello there,

    I have just set up my recalbox the way I wanted it to be final. Before cloning the sd-card I scrolled through thousands of games to highlight them as favourites. So far so good everything works fine: NES, N64, PRBoom and Gameboy Games work as favourites. I can also uncheck them, reboot and see that it changes. But every time I check a SNES Game as a favourite, the game disappears from the list as soon as I reboot or actualise the games list. No matter if I use fast boot, reboot or shut down.

    All the other systems even actualise when I just hit the systems button for browsing for new games. I have spent an awfull lot of time to put the correct roms onto the machine and I don´t want to start over. Any ideas?

    And Hi all, nice work. I really enjoy it and I plan to make some people happy with this as a present.

    Raspberry Pi 3
    Recalbox 4.0
    Problem reproduces

  • @Seramis Hi !

    How do you shutdown your recalbox ? Should have read better. This only happens with SNES ?

  • @Substring Yes, only SNES. All else works fine. It is really strange, I haven't noticed until now. Unfortunately I have put every goddamn game on it so it is a long list to scroll. The plan was to put all Coop or two Player games on the list. First I though that there may be a limit so I have deleted some of my other favorites, but SNES Games still don't save their favorite states.

  • @Seramis After a reboot, do these games appear as favourite in SNES or not ? nor in the favourites system ?

  • @Substring Nope. All SNES favorites disappear. It only works with all other games.

  • @rockaddicted does that remind you something ?

  • @Substring not really... . Should it? Seems that you know what is wrong? If I may ask you kindly to enlightening me? :-). By the way I have worked myself through the N64 compatability list and I have added quite a few entries. Nice community here.

  • To be clear: The roms don't disappear! Only the favorites do. I can still play all SNES roms. They only don't get stored as favorites. All other games in all other emulations do.

  • @Seramis That was inteded to rockaddicted, he has a better memory than me 😉
    thanks for your contribution on N64 ! We do have a nice community, yes, thanks to all of you 🙂

    Now regarding your problem ... No idea, though it reminds me something (that's why i asked for rock's help)

  • @Substring ah OK, I thought I have misused the search function. Well it is not so terrible. I could delete some SNES games not worth playing, but I was intending to give some full fledged out recalboxos to dear friends and family members and maybe they will miss this or that game afterwards and I thought it would be nice if they just had everything and can do their own favorites. Maybe I should clone the SD card and set up a new system to see if I can reproduce the issue?

  • @Seramis Have you manually edited any file inside recalbox ?

  • @Substring Nope. It is also up to date.

  • @Seramis @Acris just suggested me that your gamelist.xml could be corrupted ... SO :

    • save the gamelist.xml file inside your roms/snes folder
    • stop ES (either by pressing F4 on a keyboard, or by SSH : /etc/init.d/S31emulationstation stop)
    • delete the gamelist.xml
    • restart ES

  • @Substring I'll give it a try and report back tomorrow. Thanks.

  • Banned

    @Seramis are you using the standard theme or a custom one which you installed ?

  • @voljega Everything is standard, I didn't change a thing.

  • As I am not a hundred percent sure about how to save the gamelist, I made a copy of my sd- card. Reporting back in a few minutes, maybe we can solve this issue for everyone if it may happen again.

  • Banned

    @Seramis a copy isn't gonna show anything if the problem comes from a broken system

    To save your scrape, just copy the gamelist.xml files and thge downloaded_images folders.

    If you want to save roms alobg with ith, juste copy everything in roms.

    Also don't forget bios and saves golders if you have some of those

  • @voljega That is true indeed, but if I mess up, I can start over.

  • Ok first of all I really have to thank you. This totally solved the issue. However, as a non linux person, but capable of helping myself and intrinsically interested in media, I am going to point out in detail what I have done so that other people can follow this step by step:

    1. I downloaded putty here: http://www.putty.org/
    2. I typed "recalbox" in my browser to get to the overlay. I searched for the ip adress there (because it is easy).
    3. I started putty and gave the program the ip adress.
    4. Login: "root" Password: "recalboxroot" (you might want to change this yourself aftewards)
    5. I typed "cd .."
    6. I typed "ls" giving me the following directions: bios extractions lost+found roms screenshots
      cheats kodi music saves system
    7. I typed "cd roms"
    8. Again "ls" amstradcpc gamegear mastersystem nes scummvm wswan
      atari2600 gb megadrive ngp sega32x wswanc
      atari7800 gba moonlight ngpc segacd zx81
      atarist gbc msx o2em sg1000 zxspectrum
      cavestory gw msx1 pcengine snes
      fba lutro msx2 pcenginecd supergrafx
      fba_libretro lynx n64 prboom vectrex
      fds mame neogeo psx virtualboy
    9. "cd snes"
    10. "ls" It threw out all my games and at the end of it the bad "gamelist.xml"
    11. As I did a cloned copy of my sd-card I felt brave and hit "rm gamelist.xml" which will delete said list.
    12. I made sure it is deleted, doing "ls" again. It is gone then.
    13. I typed "/etc/init.d/S31emulationstation stop", because Substring said so.
    14. I typed "reboot"

    Outcome: The gamelix.xlm repaired itself. I did neither copy my roms, nor copy the gamelist.xml. I figured it might repair itself, if it´s gone. It worked out fine. I think you can clone your sd-card first if you are not so brave.

    Anyhow: Issue solved, maybe it should be pinned unter "Favourite List Disappearing" instead? Because it will work with all roms.

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