Black Screen when trying to use composite video

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    This is kind odd. When I try to use the composite video, theres aways a black screen. Nothing happens. Nothing appears. I thought the change from hdmi to composite were automatically recognized.

    Then I saw this tutorial: but I dont know even how to start this. What is a RW Partition? How to do it?

    Plus...if I did something wrong after editing this, how could I switch back to normal if the video image wont come from hdmi?

    Thanks in advance and im sorry for my bad english and bad knowledge

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    Please tell more about your configuration... tv, cable type of rasp or other board, recalbox version etc... We cannot answer question with so poor informations.

    First of all check the composite cable. Most of them do not respect the same wiring as exprected on the 3.5 Jack connector on the Rasp3.

  • Im using a rasp pi 3 and recal box 4.0. The composite cable is a pretty standard one and I was plugging it on the rasp and the other end (yellow red and white) I was plugging on my old CRT tv. and no image appears. I understand sometimes they switch the colors and the red or white happens to be the video, but I tried all 3 and no one happens to show image.

    Then I bought a pretty nice 5 inch lcd screen with 800x480 pixel and tried to plug the pi on it. It worked not so well, with some black bars and a 4:3 ratio, then when starting a game it starts with wrong resolution. The screen only shows part of the game´s screen.

    does recalbox support this resolution (800x480) ? How to change this to make everything fits the screen properly?

    Sorry about so many questions. Im really lost on this.

  • Hey buddy! 🙂

    NOOBS always defaults to HDMI. but can be forced to switch to PAL or NTSC.

    Here's how to change

    • Boot your Pi and repeatedly toggle Shift while the Pi is booting. This will enter the NOOBS interface.
    • Press either button 3 or 4 depending on whether your display is NTSC or PAL.
    • When you see the display. Click yes to save changes
    • Edit the config.txt for the installed OSes and delete the autogenerated part at the end (which is clearly indicated).

  • @Maxime-Allard-Valade thanks for your help!!

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