Recalbox doesn't save joystick configuration

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    I built an arcade machine for two people. Sadly, I haven't been careful enough and one joystick is upside down. I can configure the joystick, but when I open a game, that joystick remains fine, but the first one is completly reverse... left becomes right, right becomes left, top becomes down and down becomes top. I then quit the game and configure the first gamepad. At this moment, both joysticks for both gamepads work fine, but when I lauch a game, not it's the second joystick that get reverse... It always does the same thing.

    Any idea(s) how I can fix that? Thanks a lot!

    Edit: The joystick is screwed and glued, I can't just switch the orientation of it...

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    @anthomaxcool well your joysticks are connected to an usb controller or through GPIO no ? Just modify the connections to use the joystick correctly

  • The joystick and buttons are connected to a usb encoder which is connected to the raspberry pi. For connecting the joystick, I only need to clip one thing on the usb encoder. Like this image I use the rectangle where it's written usb joystick.

    Is there any configuration file I can modify without touching the wires?


  • @anthomaxcool you just swap the 2 directions following your encoder's doc

  • Did you manage to fix the problem? I just made the same mistake and Recalbox switches the joystick around.

  • I had the same problem. The solution: understand how recalbox works; 1 joystick configuration per hardware. That means if you use two identical zero delay cards, the system will create only one configuration for both cards.

    You must connect the wires from the card to the buttons on both controllers following exactly the same order. The same occurs if you connect a 3rd or 4th identical zero delay card.

    After that, you should configurate only 1 controller on recalbox and all the others will automatically be set up.

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