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  • Hi there,

    yesterday evening I wanted to finally setup my recalbox. When I connected my Pi to my TV I unfortunately had no image appearing.

    I formatted the my SD card (32 GB Sandisk, came with my Pi) with the KDE formatting tool (FAT32). Then I downloaded the Recalbox zip-file from here and I extracted the contained data into the root of the SD card.
    I connected the PI with an HDMI cable (the one it came with and my Wii U HDMI cable for double checking) at the third HDMI output from my TV (LG, LCD TV). When I plug in the electricity the light on the Pi flashes in red and one time the TV showed that it is looking for an image source. But nothing happened.

    Most solutions I found online are for people who use an DVI adapter to connect them with computer screens.
    Now when I am home I am gonna crawl behind the TV and check if the same problem appears if I use another HDMI outlet.

    What can I do if it happens?

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    @Antiheld most likely your sd card partition isn't of a primary type, you should check that.

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    Follow the second step that has no error

  • Hi there, thanks for your answers. I checked again and it is of a primary type but the problem still appears.

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    If you don't see any green lights flashing when turning your Pi on, then nothing is booting and that is most commonly a format problem. Assuming you copy the right files in the right structure, with a 32Gb SD Card you can safely and essily use SD Formatter for it (doublecheck afterwards it is really FAT32) and don't forget to turn on the one option for expansion or something like that, which name of course I don't remember right now.

  • I could solve my problem with using another Micro SD card. I formatted it the same I did with the other one, so I don't see why the first one did not work.

    The first one came bundled with my Pi. It was a Sindisk Ultra 32GB Micro SDHC (80MB/S). Now I used a Sandisk 32GB Micro SDHD (20MB/S) I bought three years ago.

    How can I find out why the first one didn't work (just like I said, I formatted both the same, copied the same files and both were recognized on my notebook)? Can there be any problems because the Micro SD I am using now maybe is to slow for Recalbox to work properly?

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    @Antiheld 20 Mb/s isn't slow. The Pi can't handle more than that.

    There has been a lot of discussions about SD cards... sometimes it is just a mistery... sometimes we just don't understand, others we make something wrong without being aware... who knows!

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