Using two SNES30 connected via USB, one controller moves both P1 and P2

  • When I have two SNES30 controllers connected via USB and load a two player game, the 'second' controller does not respond and the 'first' controller moves both player 1 and player 2 simultaneously. The 'second' controller is totally unresponsive in the game but works just fine in recalbox menu. Here is a youtube video I made showing the issue:

    I have tried factory resetting the controller with no success. This occurs whether I simply plug both controllers in and attempt to play the game or if I go through and configure each controller seperately and then set P1 to #0 SNES30 and P2 to #1 SNES30. Any ideas?

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    Yeah that's normal, @paradadf had the same problem ... Can you force some controllers in the players order and see if it solves your problem ?

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    @Substring nope, not the same. I have the problem that a paired 8bitdo send double inputs when connected through USB (for instance, if your battery is low), but for the same player.
    Here my issue for reference:

    @disorder's problem is, as far as I understand, that his gamepad is controlling both players (P1 and P2) simultaneously, right?

  • @paradadf Correct, for reference lets say "controller one" will control P1 and P2 while "controller two" does nothing in the game. In the recalbox menu both controllers work, and in the recalbox controller settings configuration it recognizes them as two separate controllers.

  • @disorder This could be caused by how configgen "detects" pads. Can you make a pastebni of ~/.emulationstation/es_log.txt ?

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