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Keyboard and WLAN works, Gamepad not, vice versa with another usb hub?!

  • Hi Recalbox-Community,

    I have bought the following 4-Port OTG-USB-Hub and connect it to my Raspberry Pi Zero (v1.3).
    The keyboard and wlan stick works, but the Buffalo Classic USB Gamepad will not be detected. 😕

    Okay, so I bought another 4-Port USB-Hub (this time a Speedlink SL-7416-SWT with GL850G chip).
    Now the Gamepad is working, but keyboard and wlan stick are not detected. WTF!? 0o

    This must be a bad joke! I'm really annoyed! 😞

    What I am doing wrong? And how can I fix it?

    BTW: I am using recalboxOS 4.0.0 (final).

    Thanks & best regards,

  • I have testet two more USB-Hubs with GL850G chip. Then I found the problem!
    It was not the incompatibility with the chip, it was the power supply!
    A power supply with 2A or better 2.5A or 3A is needed! OMG 😜

  • Don't expect a pi0 to supply enough power for that many devices on USB ...

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