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Mortal Kombat (USA) issues

  • About 99% of my SNES roms play just fine but Mortal Kombat (USA) is quite laggy. I have tried it with a wired keyboard, wired SNES30, and SNES30 in bluetooth mode. I am wondering... should I be messing with retroarch settings like video driver, etc... Or should I try a different core (I'm set to default now).

    If this ends up being a core issue, is there a way to set some roms to play from a specific core and leave the others at default or a diff core?

    Thanks as always. Excited to be smoothing out the last few issues while learning some more linux.

  • Developer
    Global moderator

    By laggy you are talking about input lag?
    You can choose a game specific core by pressing SELECT over the game, EDIT and then on the top you have different options. Don't forget to save the changes.

  • Yes input lag. I will try this when I get home!

  • This post is deleted!

  • It seems that all three SNES cores give the same input lag. POCKETSNES is particularly buggy in that pressing start on my only controller registers as a START from P2 as well. And then P2 just tracks what I'm pressing as P1. Going to dig into Retroarch settings now (video and input drivers perhaps?). The sound is quite odd on this game as well across all three cores, the sounds seem to be reverb or echo expanded. Hard to describe...

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    I just tested it on my Pi2 and there was no noticeable lag, at least no more that I remember the game originally had XD. Maybe you TV needs the game mode enabled? That is often a source for lag.

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