Invalid Partition Table!

  • I am trying to install Recallbox on a new dell laptop, and no matter what I keep running into an error when booting to either the SD card, or USB that says "Invalid partition table!".

    I have tried both methods on creating the USB or SD from the link below. I have also used two different USB cards, but just one SD card.

    I will mention, I currently have Lakka installed on the internal 1TB hard drive of this laptop, so Im curious if that is causing an issue. However, like I said, I get this error when booting from either of the USBs or SD card.

    Any help is appreciated!

  • which recalbox version are you trying to use ??? The x86 version can't boot from a hard drive yet

  • I was using the x86 64 to boot off a USB, based on the instruction off the link I posted before. I also get this error when using the SD boot though, again using the instruction on my last link. Thank you.

  • I have the same problem 😞

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    You need 8Go usb key and problem is may be a hardware compatibility.

  • I was trying to install on a Dell Inspiron 3558 Laptop i3-6001U with Intel HD Graphics 5500. It was a black friday deal, and I figured I could make a portable setup for Recalbox and play it on any TV. I returned that laptop and found another.

    The new laptop (HP ProBook 430 G3 (i5/HD520) which did boot from 32GB USB, but it doesn't support SD boot, which is a bummer. At least it booted though, so I guess this is/was some sort of hardware problem with the Dell, as stated.

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