Recalbox 7.0

NES Case for Raspberry Pi

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    Hey pals 🙂

    Since months I wanted to create a cool case for my recalbox. Unfortunately, most of the time you only find these standard cases which, of course, do what they should but in a more boring way 😉

    I came across with the idea to create small gaming consoles to put the Raspi into. To avoid some trouble with the manufacturer I changed the scaling, get rid of the logo, colours are as well not exactly the same as the original one, I chose the colours to make it look a bit more modern.

    Fortunately, a friend of mine has the whole equipment to manufacture things like this and then we did a first prototype to see how it would look like 🙂




    Actually, it works like this very well, but I am working on a version 2:

    • Power LED next to the Start button
    • Fully functional Start button
    • Fully functional Reset button
    • Maybe hide the SD card hole on the back just for cosmetics

    I also work on a scaled Playstation 1 case and some more will follow!

    Let me know what you think 🙂

  • Great!! I like it!!

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    Yep.. seems to me that is really close to this :

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    @ian57 Yes, you are right, it looks very similar to this. But as you see there are tons of NES models out there 🙂 There is not much room for design changes but since this is the first draft (which was inspired by the net) I am currently working on improving the existing designs to keep the proportions/scalings (hope not to get in trouble with manufaturers :D) and improve the functionality of the cases 🙂
    I will soon share some new ideas 🙂

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