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  • Hey, I bought a wlan dongle for a better moonlight performance. But I dont find an solution to install the stick or any drivers. The stick is in the compatibility list. Do I have to reinstall recalbox to get it running?

    Wifi Dongle:
    TP-LINK TL-WN823N 300Mbps Wireless Mini USB Adapter

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    It is always a good idea to tell us, at least, which RPi version you have.
    I'll assume you have the Pi3... I believe you have to blacklist the internal wifi drivers in order to be able to use an external wifi adapter. That information is from what I remember to have read somewhere on an github issue, but maybe here on the forum as well. Look for it because all the instructions were there.
    And about the speed, I'm not sure if that helps, but you can always try and tell us, just for curiosity 😉

  • I have a Pi3, sorry for the missing information.
    I know with a cable connection I'll get a better performance, but a 300Mbit/s wifi should be able to run an 25Mbit/s gamestream or not? But thanks for the information, I'll try it and give a feedback about the speed. 🙂

    Yesterday it was temporarily okay, with some lags at 1080p.

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    I really don't know how fast the wifi is, sorry.

  • Thank you for the link!

  • I tried to blacklist rpi3 wifi module, but then nothing worked anymore. I got a wlan settings error. 😕

    Did you have any documentation to get external wifi dongles to run? It seams recalbox don't install any drivers for the dongle.

  • @Michael-Holst Most of times wifi dongles need a firmware update from the OS. The next major version of recalbox should add more compatible devices out of the box. But i can't tell you if this one is part of the package.

    Gamestream ... I can play rather fine most of time with a crappy dongle. Anyway wifi is not recommended for moonlight

  • @Substring Which dongle do you have?

    Now, I have tried powerlan 500 from tp-link, but the overhead of this technique was a bit to slow for smooth streaming. Next try was with powerlan 1200 and it works very well for most of the games in my collection, but not for Rise of the Tomb Raider. At the start its okay, but when I begin to walk the stream crashes.

  • @Michael-Holst I was using the pi3 internal BT, in 720p, being 2m far from my router ... It runs rather fine. But if i'm further away, that's a no go

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