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SD Card size issue

  • Re: Increase size of the sdcard

    Sorry if it has been asked already, but the only topic with the same issue doesn't have any answers.

    There is the problem : RecalBox have been installed on a 16Gb card, fully playable, etc ...
    The card has been formated without issues.
    But I can't add many files in the /recal/share/roms because RecalBox create a 2Gb size only partition on the card, and I cant acces the 14Gb left.


  • Can't access the SD from where ? on windows ? The share partition is the 3rd partition of the card and is formatted in ext4. Windows can't read ext4 nor can it read beyond the 1st partition. Simply upload your roms through network or just use an external storage device formatted in fat32

  • Sorry, i will rephrase it
    The share partition is only 2GB.
    That's it. I can see the 3rd partition on the card as you said from Windows , when I manage the hard drives.
    I send files from Winscp, I can send some files, but the avaible space is limited to 2Gb under /share

  • @Lockorm Something went wrong somewhere .. On its first start recalbox takes the non partitionned space left and formats it as ext4 to be the SHARE labelled partition.

    Reinstall from scratch ?

  • Ok if you confirm that the space left on the card have to be use as the share label, I think something went wrong, I will erase the SD card again and make a fresh install of RecalBox.

  • @Lockorm With a 16GB card you can use SDFormatter v4. But a partitionning tool like mioni tool partition wizard free, is the best go (but you'd better know how to handle partitionning, use at your own risk)

  • @Lockorm I had a problem getting access to the unused space on my SD card and none of the partition sotware anyone rcomomned to me worked so I just connected to my Pi over my network and draged and dropped all the files onto my desktop and did a fresh format on my SD card and fresh install of recalbox and just dragged the files I took from the Pi that are on my desktop to the Pi with the fresh install and it worked perfect, Took a few hours but I was able to go from a 16gig to a 32gig card that way, Anything else anyone said wouldn't work.

  • Finaly, after fully erasing the sd card, and made a new installation twice, the share partition is now at the normal size.
    Thank you guys.

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