Problem with booting Recalbox x86 on Internal SATA HDD

  • Hello everyone i have a hard time booting recalbox from internal HDD,
    Bios is set to LEGACY+UEFI and im working on IDE MODE since on AHCI i have BSOD on Windows 10 when i choose to boot in LEGACY mode it shows Recalbox text in corner on black screen and stays there forever when i try to boot in efi mode it gives me a error related to efi shell termination, then it goes to GRUB and i cannot select nothing since my keyboard stops working, its standard usb 2.0 keyboard. to copy image to HDD im using HDD Raw Copy tool.

    ive tried to boot it from usb flash drive but its too slow and its about 2FPS in menu
    my pc is:
    AMD FX 6300 4.4Ghz
    8GB Ram
    MSI R9 270 2GB
    1TB HDD for windows
    80GB HDD for Recalbox


  • you can't boot recalbox from a HDD for now. This has been said a few times already, please use the search function :)

  • Team

    I use recalbox 4.1 on 3 PC type machine (1 barebone and 2 old laptops (core 2 duo)) and everything is fine with the usb key boot. ES is very reactive and fluid.

  • i was searching for answer but i couldnt find anything. I tried to run it from my main pc it was slow and completly unusable, then i tried it on my old laptop which has Core 2 Duo T7200 1,5GB of DDR2 ram and Ati Radeon Xpress 200M 256MB, result was the same slow and unusable interface, same goes for emulated games, i really dont know what is wrong with my setups i`ve even been able to pair my dualshock 4 controller via bluetooth and sound was working without any problems :/

  • @Cecil because any ATI GPU is a pain so far

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