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How can I manually add coverart to my games?

  • Themer

    Edit gamelist.xml with Notepad ++, however when updating the gamelist the image does not appear, it is blank, I change the name of the example game Alex Kidd - Miracle World 2 for Alex Kidd in Miracle World and the gamelist.xml is not saved, like proceed?


    <name>Alex Kidd in Miracle World 2</name>
    <desc>It's been 6 months since Alex defeated Janken the Great and reclaimed 'The Crown'. Alex's brother Egle has taken the throne and oversees the city of Radaxian. There is still unrest on the planet Aries however, as monsters still roam the land. Alex is still greatly concerned by the whereabouts of his missing father. Radaxian's forces have been unable to locate King Thunder, so Alex sets off himself to find him. He retraces his steps and returns to the place where the trail was lost. Perhaps there was something he missed.
    The engine is the same as the original game but here are the changes I have made:
    New music (rearranged from the original) by tibone
    Whole new set of levels with lots of secrets and puzzles
    Alex sprite has longer hair (to reflect the time that has passed)
    New title screen
    New map screen (which covers the area east of the original game)
    New characters</desc>
    <image>/recalbox/share/roms/mastersystem/downloaded_images/Alex Kidd - Miracle World-image.png</image>

    I changed

    <name>Alex Kidd in Miracle World 2</name>


    <name>Alex Kidd in Miracle World</name>

    And I changed the image, but I kept the same name and extension .png

  • try this (if you have a Windows PC) :

    EDIT : Oh yes ^^ and don't forget to kill Emulationstation first 😉

  • Global moderator

    you need to kill emulationstation before make modification on gamelist.xml

    in ssh :
    killall emulationstation

  • Themer

    Thanks @screech , @acris

    I realized that now everything is in capslock, I could change this in ScreenScrapper or have to edit gamelist.xml

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