Disable Menu Buttons in RecalGui

  • Hello
    How can i disable the both menu buttons in the controller (Start/select)?

    I want add 3 gpio buttons for Hotkey, Settings (start) and Gamesettings (select).
    The Start and Select Buttons on the controller should only available in the Emus, not in the mainmenu.

    Is this possible?

  • Hi,

    You can limit the menu in EmulationStation by editing the recalbox.conf (it's documented, i think the variable is something like system.es.menu)

    But your idea with gpio, impossible. The GPIO is a full controller by itself, you can't mix buttons from one pad over another

  • Really impossible?

    Thats not possible?

    Gpio buttons as controller 1
    Hotkey, Menu1, Menu2

    USB Gamepad AS controller 2
    No Hotkey
    No Select in mainmenu, only in Emus
    No Start in mainmenu, only in Emus

    USB Gamepad AS controller 3
    same AS controller 2

  • have you tried at least what i suggested to disable start/select ?

    Nothing was done so that only pad 1 can control ES. And that's not something we would add.

  • Moderator

    @noxx said

    Really impossible?

    Thats not possible?

    Are you serious? I answered you already... Nothing is impossible if you learn how to code and make the changes yourself. Not every particular request can (and should) be implemented.

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