Mapped 2P Buttons Don't Behave Correctly

  • Hi All..

    I had built a 1P arcade cabinet connecting a 1P xin-mo to my arcade buttons and joystick and configured them.. That worked like a charm on the different emulators. especially mame

    I now built a 2P arcade cabinet connecting a 2P xin-mo to each of their respective buttons. I configured the 1P set of buttons and joystick and that worked fine on all the emulators, especially mame.

    Once I configure the 2P set of buttons, the set of 1P buttons such as the SELECT and HOTKEY get remapped on their own. The SELECT button now becomes the START and one of my fight buttons becomes the SELECT button..

    Are there known problems using 2P xin-mo with Recalbox. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hello @tdelios
    connect your 2p Xin-Mo
    can you upload this archive, request in this wiki's page :
    are you in windows computer ?

  • @acris I am on a windows 10 computer .. I have followed the instructions and able to get the file.

    how can I give you the file? I don't see the ability to attach a file to a post.. just images and links.

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    Get the archive on your PC then upload it somewhere on the net. For example :
    Then give the URL to people who asked you the file

  • @acris

    here you go:

    when do you think I can hear back from the development team on this?

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    sorry for my english :
    can you take picture of Xin-Mo Dual Arcade and upload in our forum please.

    Connect in ssh :

    **3) Mount partition **
    mount -o remount,rw /boot

    ** Edit /boot/cmdline.txt file** with nano or notepad++

    Make space with other word, add this line :


    like this :

    dwc_otg.fiq_fix_enable=1 sdhci-bcm2708.sync_after_dma=0 dwc_otg.lpm_enable=0 console=tty3 loglevel=3 elevator=deadline vt.global_cursor_default=0 logo.nologo root=/dev/mmcblk0p7 rootwait fastboot noswap ro usbhid.quirks=0x16c0:0x5e1:0x040

    reboot and configure only player 1 in Emulationstation > options gamepad

    In gamepad options : choose

    Player 1 on #0.....
    Player 2 on #1.....

    If it's work, your pcb will be add to recalbox 4.1.0

  • @acris said in Mapped 2P Buttons Don't Behave Correctly:


    I tried to make the modifications to cmdline.txt either directly on the device using nano or through putty terminal but in either case I get an error message that the its a read-only file system.

    I don't understand why I'm getting the error message. I'm logged in as root with the password recalboxroot

  • @tdelios just mount -o remount, rw /boot and edit again the file

  • @subs
    my bad.. I've done the changes to the cmdline.txt file and I mapped the 1P player buttons only and in the gamepad I put Player 1 on #0 and Player 2 on #1 ..

    Player 1 controls like before.. but noticed that if I press the Player 2 START button, that it is the Player 2 SELECT function instead.

    Do you want me to map the Player 2 buttons and joystick as well to see if I have the same outcome as my original post?

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    The wiring of the buttons and joysticks of both players must be exactly the same
    I think the wiring is not correct.

    Verify with evtest or jstest :

    Xin Mo 18 pins or 20 pins ??

    Examples with xin mo 18 pins :

    can you upload this archive, request in this wiki's page : again please.

    Take a picture of xin mo PCB please and upload your picture.

  • @acris @subs

    Mine is a 18 pin 2Player xin-mo.. I will take a picture and upload.. I will also follow the directions you have given and will give an update.

    One thing I noticed I need you to clarify..

    The link you provided in a 18 pin 2 Player shows a picture that pin 5 is the CREDIT/SELECT and pin 6 is the 2PLAYER START. But the link I received from the supplier to wire my xin-mo shows the opposite:
    Is the link you provided incorrect or is the link for the supplier incorrect? When I have time, I'm going to flip the 2 to see what happens before going through the additional steps you had asked for and get back to you with the results.

    I want to thank all of you for your feedback and efforts.. it is greatly appreciated and I feel that the Recalbox is so much cooler and easier to deal with than RetroPie.. hopefully I can overcome this hump!


  • @tdelios Hey Tom
    I'll give you a lityle background info so that you get the trick 🙂 Linux doesn't "naturally" understand devices such as the juyao or the xinmo the right way. Both are encoders that create 2 input devices on a single USB port. So to speak : that's a heresy for Linux. But, we can help Linux understanding how to set up the system for such devices with some "hacks" at the USB protocol level : this is called a (usb) quirk. There are several of them, and 0x40 means "set thz right bits so that linux shares a single usb devices as 2 input devices". I don't know how and where the share is made, but the kernel parameter you added means "for vendor id XXX and product id YYY, use magic number 0x40".

    Concerning the mapping : this has been proven by the community to be working 100%, we have to rely on them as it never proved to be wrong. The doc must refer to windows which has a not so "usb protocol standard respectful" behaviour !

  • @subs @acris

    Hey guys.. just wanted to give you a great update. Flipping the 2P START and SELECT/COINS button did the trick.
    Its so funny how there are so many image references on the internet saying the opposite and luckily the one link you provided showed the correct way.

    not sure if the usbhid.quirks=0x16c0:0x5e1:0x040 being added to the cmdline.txt helped it or not, but I guess it doesn't hurt to keep it in there. Not sure if 4.1 will have this entry in there by default as a Nooby would pull their hair out trying to do it themselves.

    anyhow, you guys have been great and I always anticipate the continued evolution of Recalbox !


  • As i explained above, the qurik is mandatory or you can't have 2 sticks from your xinmo, just one

  • @subs
    anyway to for you guys to code Recalbox on your next version to detect the xin-mo and automatically add the quirk to the cmdline.txt?

    I had spoken via email to a xin-mo manufacturer engineer and he said that he wasn't aware that different OSs have different interpretation on the pins as they are following the USB HID protocol. He said that I am probably using the XM-02 model that gave me the problem. He said that the XM-07 model may have better results to follow the pins as exactly as illustrated, and not to flip the START/SELECT as suggested by you guys. He forgot to mention how to tell them apart though .. lol...

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    In recalbox 4.1, xin-mo will be add.

  • @acris and @Substring ..

    I found a link on the internet that outlines the 4.1 release items that the developers are still working on and the items that have been completed..

    I do not see anything related to xin-mo and my problem.. Can you guys confirm that its on the list and that you guys are going to roll it out in 4.1 so that I don't have to manually go through the manual way of modifying the cmdline.txt file ..


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  • @paradadf thanks for the info buddy!

  • @acris @Substring @paradadf

    I thought you said that the 2P xin-mo fix was in the 4.1 release.

    I am currently playing around with the 4.1 latest version and the button mapping is just as bad as before.
    My 1P SELECT button is acting like the 1P Start and vise versa and my designated "A" button has become the Hotkey button.
    I double checked the wiring and it is fine..

    any thoughts on how to trouble shoot this?

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