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    here is the possibility of emulating the gaming Xbox (make port dxbx), play games like Outrun 2 sega gt, ninja gaiden black and others, is priceless...

    alt text

    The XBOX,
    alt text

    Xbox itself has a range of port emulators made by xport perhaps could pass to recalbox somehow since it has the available sources

  • One rule.of thumb in emulation : make sure your emulated system is less powerful than your host system. I believe a pi3 is too short for that. Maybe a pc or xu4.

    But yoi svould have provided at least a link to that emulator ...

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    @azvarel there's no such thing as a working xbox emulator. I would be very happy about it but it's definitely not existing.
    I also took a look at your emulator namzpes : dxbx is dead and never seemed to amount to much (version 0.5 onky and noted 2.5/5 on emulation sites) and xport is not an emulator at all, only a tool to access an xbox360 hdd and manage its files (not even first xbox)
    So did you even try any of those ?

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    I have not mentioned the xport x360 tool but the user xport that ported several emulators like medanefx_nes, medanefx_pce and many others for the Xbox console.

    I'd love to have someone carrying an Xbox emulator to run on recalbox
    So I asked if it would be feasible that, or was it just a dream of a player?

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    @azvarel recalbox or not there is not an single existing xbox emulator in the whole world. So no it's not possible at all.

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    FYI there is actually one Xbox 360 emulator, but still very WIP:

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    @paradadf yeah but xenia is only xbox 360 not first xbox

    and all those emulators (1st xbox / xbox 360) are always left in a very pre-alpha state, most of them only able to display intro/menus and not lauching games or only one or two for the systems... after less than 6 months / 1 year and a half of existence they disappear into oblivion.

    I'm sure a xbox360 emulator will exist one day though, maybe xeni with several years of dev behind it, but first xbox, i'll believe it when i play it 😛 from everything i read nobody knows the specifications of the hardware and the software of the console and it's close to undecipherable

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    @voljega So let's work 😛

  • I want to use this topic to ask about Taito Type X

    It´s specs are kind of there... that arcade computer contains a couple of fighting games updates versions, like King of Fighters 98 : Ultimate Match
    From Wikipedia:
    "Ultimate Match includes additional characters not featured in the original version of the game, such as Eiji Kisaragi from KOF '95, along with Kasumi Todoh and the Boss Team (composed of Geese Howard, Wolfgang Krauser, and Mr. Big) from KOF '96, as well as the boss characters Goenitz and Orochi, essentially including all the characters featured in the KOF series prior to KOF '98. New moves were added to the USA Sports Team to improve their playability, and EX versions of certain characters not featured in the original version were added, including King with her Art of Fighting 2 moveset, and Ryuji Yamazaki, Blue Mary and Geese Howard with their Real Bout Fatal Fury 2 moveset. The Orochi versions of Leona and Iori Yagami are also playable, and both also appear as mid-bosses in the Arcade Mode. New stages were added to the game such as China and Hong Kong to show appreciation for KOF's high popularity in such regions; it is also the only fighting game to feature an accurate representation of Saudi Arabia in one stage, as the country was a major market for the NEO GEO line in the early 1990s.[10] A third fighting style is also introduced in addition to Advance and Extra, dubbed "Ultimate" mode. Ultimate mode is a customizable style that allows the player to choose between features from Advance or Extra mode, such as which kind of Power Gauge to use. It also includes a 'Neo Geo' mode, which is a direct port of the original Neo Geo console version."

    Basically the most complete KOF 98 version to date.

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    @boxcarpilot the two subjects have absolutely nothing in common so please create your own subject

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