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  • Hey Guys!

    I read that there is a possibility to add an on/off switch, to start the Recalbox, and shut it down.
    My problem is: I already have a fan installed. So Pin 4 (5V) and 6 (ground) are blocked.
    Is it possible, to connect the fan to pin 4 (5V) and pin 9 (ground) and then install the switch on pin 5 and 6 like the tutorial says? Or is it impossible to have both fan and switch working?
    My intension says it is going to work, but i'm not sure. And i dont want to damage the Pi, so i thought i'm gonna ask some smart people here :)

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    @Madmeggo If you want to have your fan running constantly, then you just need 5V and GND. Where the 5V comes from does not matter. So you can use every 5V connection from the Pi.

    For example use pin 2 as 5V and any ground

  • ground is ground ... all grounds are connected, so use which ever pin you like

  • I'm happy now that I to know that the fan and the switch will be working together as I expected.Thank you guys! :)

  • Just a quick question. I have a 5V fan but it runs too loud. I was wondering if there was any way to reduce the speed of the fan?

  • @davidwrightini yeah : add resistors :) the pi just outputs TTL, not PWM. Or maybe plug it on 3.3V

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