CRT-Pi Shader from Retroarch via Recalbox Menu

  • Hello there,

    i just played around a bit and found the crt-pi shader within Retroarch, which looks absolutely gorgeous and doesnt cost any (relevant) performance (even on my old overclocked pi 1b). Is it possible to access this Shader directly via the Recalbox menu in the next version?

  • Hi !

    retro and scanlines shaders don't suit you ?

  • @subs
    they are ok, but the crt-pi shader adds a nice decent curvature and looks even closer to a real television crt. imho it looks even better than most "high quality" crt shaders. just try it out. its included in retroarch that comes with recalbox.
    maybe its even the mixture, because i have recalbox Shader set to Scanlines, but also apply the crt-pi shader ingame. looks awesome.

  • 4.1 will "support" overlays. Some overlay packs do set thz crt shader. Looks gorgeous for arcade ^^

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