Play Bluray does not work

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    Hello community

    I ripped a BlurayDisc and then put the BDMV folder to my movie directory. Play DVDs works fine, but I cannot play Bluray movies. Is there a library missing or should Kodi can handle this Out of the box?

    Is somebody around who can play Bluray in recalboxs Kodi?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  • Quotes from the Kodi Forum:

    "Kodi can playback unencrypted bluray discs and bluray images. There is limited support for some bluray menus."
    I suggest converting to MKV

    [...] put the whole BDMV folder into your movie folder and let Kodi scrape the title [...]

    [...] don't start the .mts files, but start the movie from the library [...]

    but I'm not sure, if we have implemented the libbluray1. @subs? @digitaLumberjack?

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    @Nachtgarm Thanks for your answer. I did exactly this. But what I do not know for sure is, if the movie is encrypted after copying?

    And yes, this was also in my mind. Is this library installed? Not sure if I really need it.

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